What we do

EOL Logistics Limited

Nigeria is Africa’s second largest economy and has the highest production of oil and gas in Africa. More than 62% of Nigeria’s population are under 25 and it’s growing middle class makes up 23% of the population.


The Nigerian market is strong and its strengths include:

  • Average GDP growth of 6.9% over the past 10 years
  • Large consumer base with a growing middle class
  • Young and educated population
  • Biggest beneficiary of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa
  • Abundant natural resources
  • Many Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the developing infrastructure

What we do is simple – EOL moves goods and products through multi-faceted supply chain operations from source to destination on a national and/ or international scale utilising single or multi-modal systems in a safe, time and cost efficient manner.

You will find the core of our services is the logistics chain between our customers procuring their goods or raw materials and the sale to their end user. The transport, handling and warehousing processes related to the movement and storage of goods and the associated information processes are implemented through our defined process.


There are three main ingredients to our success:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Relationship building & management
  3. Planning


Whatever your needs, we are able to source, procure and deliver in accordance with required local standards. We utilise our extensive local networks to connect customers with producers, manufacturers and farmers as appropriate. Our services start with sourcing and acting as your local representative within Africa.

Relationship Management

Through the supply community chain illustrated above, we continuously build, develop, nurture and maintain our business relationships from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers to retailers and end users. Sustaining relations with customers/ stakeholders and measuring our successes through customer satisfaction is critical.


Logistics is the planning framework used by the management of an organization to facilitate the distribution of personnel, materiel, service, information and capital flows.

Thorough planning underpins our logistics process which helps streamline the entire supply chain process. The relationship management must be in place as this forms a prerequisite to the planning phase:

  • Understanding our customers, their requirements, needs and challenges
  • Understanding quality standards to be met
  • Understanding, selecting and planning for the best storage, warehousing, materials handling, and space required to store goods through the transportation cycle
  • Strategic planning to minimize the cost and time
  • Planning all stakeholders involved in the chain (suppliers and other logistics partners) using robust selection criteria and develop performance metrics for cost-effectiveness and service quality
  • Negotiation of contracts, scopes of service/ work and preparation of Bills of Lading to avoid common errors and omissions and formalize service expectations, legal responsibilities as well as rates.
  • Contingency planning to minimise the company’s exposure to damage, loss or liability through the use of proactive risk management strategies and adequate insurance.
  • Plan and facilitate smoother international trade by having a good working knowledge of: documentation required for international transportation, Customs import/export processes, current Incoterms, taxation and the role of customs brokers.

Our service is centered around having the right stuff, with the right level of expertise and training to deliver a quality and best in class service.