Meet the people behind the company!


Izu Ofodile

Managing Director

As a proud father of two, living in Nigeria and seeing the potential and opportunities around me on a daily basis is a fundamental motivator. With over 20 years’ experience working as a self-employed entrepreneur plus experience gained negotiating, navigating the constantly evolving business terrain in Nigeria, I pride myself in balancing local needs with a western touch. The most important lesson learnt from my reconnaissance into local business is customer satisfaction, valuing people and simply doing things well – on time and to quality!

Suffice to say that I am a gifted with the skill of coordination and networking and have often been seen as the ‘heart’, the connector, the facilitator, all of which are key ingredients/ perfect recipe for leading a team. Logistics and coordination comes as second nature to me largely due to my organizational and interpersonal skills. Excellent customer service, untapping the natural resourcing in Nigeria and supporting their utilization worldwide excites me and I find there is no better platform to express my true self!


Ikenna Emeghara

Partnerships / Alliances

A passionate, versatile, enterprising and grounded father of three with a good eye for detail who currently sees the endless opportunities and promise in the African continent and most importantly Nigeria. My aim is to play an important role in the promotion and growth of business enterprise in Africa. This venture (EOL Logistics) offers me the right platform to express that burning drive.

In addition to my medical background, I have had several forays into the business world, which have helped me to recognize the unquantifiable value that networking, distribution, maintaining standards and efficiency have on the economic growth of our country.

My ethics of work and ideologies around business and quality service delivery stem from experience gained working and engaging in commercial exchange in an organized society in the west for the past 14 years. I have strong roots in Nigeria, spent most of my formative years there hence the desire to give back to the society has always been foremost on my mind. Leading an organization which benefits business growth, provides employment opportunities is the perfect platform to fulfill this desire.

More importantly, working with a team of like-minded people is the best avenue to transfer and channel our acquired combined knowledge and skills into an efficient enterprise. My ultimate goal is to make the EOL Logistics brand competitive and comparable to any established global Logistic company.


Ijeoma Lloyd

Partnerships / Alliances

I am a proud mother of five wonderful children (my biggest and greatest achievement). An experienced professional with a successful background in tailoring products and services to suit customer needs in the UK. Although currently living in the UK, I am proud of and appreciate my African (Nigeria) heritage and culture. I have lived in the United Kingdom for over twenty years and have somehow managed to combine of my African (Nigerian) culture and heritage with the European way of life.

This dual cultural mix has worked! It has given me the ability and opportunity to fuse the two when it works from a service delivery, customer focus, style and quality perspective.

I am passionate about nature, our natural raw materials, seeing this as an avenue to not only purse my passion, tap into my African roots but a means through which I can genuinely contribute to and promote Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Our service is centered around having the right stuff, with the right level of expertise and training to deliver a quality and best in class service.