Welcome to our Company

EOL Logistics is a logistics company who understand the lifecycle management of getting your goods and services from point A to point B and everything else in between!

Our demand and supply chain management commences with sourcing (when required), planning, implementation, quality control, storage of goods and transportation from point of origin to point of consumption, all in alignment with our customer's needs and requirements.


We are a solutions based organi- sation, recognising the need to provide and deliver tailored, be- spoke and cost effective logistics solutions for our customers.

What we do

Nigeria is Africa’s second largest economy and has the highest production of oil and gas in Africa.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To be the leader in providing and delivering on all our Business Partners logistics needs irrespective of industry, providing you with bespoke packages and solutions tailored to ‘YOU’ and your budget

Our Vision: Our vision is to become Nigeria’s unique leading Logistics company through un-tapping, discovering and delivering our natural resources across the globe

Our story

Africa has the numbers, resources in terms of people and natural resources – it is a mine field of opportunities! EOL logistics will focus on untapping the available ample opportunities by being connectors between Africa and the rest of the world.

Service Delivery Process

We will work as a team with our customers to develop the project delivery plan which details all activities, roles and responsibilities, deliverables, milestones and contingency plans. 

EOL Logistics Team

Meet the people behind the company!

Managing Director:

  • Izu Ofodile

Partnerships / Alliances:

  • Ikenna Emeghara
  • Ijeoma Lloyd

Our service is centered around having the right stuff, with the right level of expertise and training to deliver a quality and best in class service.